This is My Life Now

My life gone through many changes this last month the main ones being, coming back from YWAM and starting college at Walsh U. My life has ups and downs but regardless this is my life now.

My life is being a freshman and not knowing anything.

My life is having more time to be carefree and not worry about employment or debt.

My life is consumed by studying, taking notes, writing papers and reading.

My life is knowing I will have my dream job someday.

My life is not understating biology.

My life is being overwhelmed at how complex life is.

My life is taking classes I hate.

My life is taking classes I love.

My life is filing folder after folder; shredding paper after paper.

My life is getting a nice paycheck.

My life is not knowing anyone.

My life is being excited when I make a single friend.

My life is missing my friends from high school and YWAM.

My life is having a whole new friend group.

My life is attending Catholic Mass for the first time.

My life is realizing we worship the same God even though we have different traditions.

My life is not about preaching the gospel.

My life is about building close relationships and growing in my faith.

My life is not about helping kids in other countries.

My life is helping to connect adoptive children to their new parents.

My life is not getting to live on campus.

My life is saving 8K.

My life is new experiences.

My life is late craft nights on campus

My small group from agape retreat

College life is great. College life is hard. Nonetheless though, this is my life and I would not change it.


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