This week was the week when the characters from Back to the Future came to the future, and it made me think about time traveling. Yes, I would love to travel in time and meet my future grandchildren, and travel back in time and see historic events happen, but part of me would love to travel back to different moments of my own life, not to change anything, but, rather, to have the privilege of living some moments again. To me, it is crazy how time keeps moving. Every time I thought that time seemed to stand still, and I would never get out of the situation, time passed. Other times, I want time to stand still because everything is going so perfectly, but it doesn’t. There are some moments in my life that really stand out to me.

There are few moments in life when, no how much how pain you are in or how fiercely you doubt, you know this is where you are supposed to be. They are moments full of passion and purpose. These moments are unexpected, but when they come, you have to let them hit you full force and tackle you to the ground.

I want to share some of those moments with you, it is hard for me to fully write and describe the significance of each moment, as oftentimes, the arrangement of twenty-six letters cannot accurately portray deep feelings, so bear with me 🙂

One thing people do not tell you about YWAM, is that it is hard. It is physically, mentally, and spiritually tiring. You are constantly being pushed to heal from issues you don’t want to deal with, experience God in a new way, examine and change your life, and learn new spiritual topics. Yes, it is life changing, but it is hard to get to that point. Yes, it is totally worth it and I recommend it to everyone, but some moments are hard. One Saturday we went to Glacier National Park for tubing and speed boating, and it was an incredible day. After lunch, two of my friends and I went out on the speed boat and rode to the other side of the lake towards the mountains.

The lake
The lake
The lake is truly beautiful as you can see by the picture. Standing up on the boat, wind blowing in my face, water splashing me, I knew this was the way life was supposed to be lived; in community and connected with God, others, and nature. I was in the middle of a stressful time of figuring out my purpose and life plan, and God simpled it down for me. Be with me and do my work; Love me, others, and yourself. That is God’s plan for me and you. It was a simple but powerful moment.

us on the boat
us on the boat
When I was on outreach in Mexico, there were a few days when we were burnt out. Our plans kept falling thought, we were tired, and not seeing the impact that we wanted to. However, the next day all of that turned around. In the morning we attended church in the city and were told to lead a youth service at night, as this church was kicking off a new youth program and knew that we would start off the program on a good end. We performed our dances, shared testimonies, played music, and one of our leaders gave a sermon.  Afterwards, we had the opportunity to go and talk to people and pray for them. I had the privilege of hearing many stories and someone even got healed! After that everyone, including the older adults, wanted to learn our dances, so we taught it to them. They had so much fun learning, or at least trying, the dances. There was a moment when I separated myself from the teaching and dancing and went on the stage to just watch. Joy instantly hit me. I was watching everyone on my team and everyone else in the church just have fun! The dance bonded and connected everyone together. Before coming to the service, I was debating with myself if we really were making a difference in Ensenada; however, in that moment I knew that we were making a significant difference in these peoples’ lives. The service had ended an hour ago, but everyone stayed to hang out with us. Sure, no one got saved but we helped to develop their faith. We showed them that you can fun with the gospel and that going to church doesn’t have to be boring. The whole service was led by us teens and young adults, which I thought was appropriate for being the first youth service there. This helped to show them that other teens their age were actively involved in their faith, and that youth are valuable. That feeling of joy was indescribable and in that moment I was filled with passion for the youth in Mexico and the power of dance to connect people. I, along with the rest of my team, left that church with a newfound passion and purpose. We saw God moved and wanted everyone else in Ensenada to experience God.

Some of the teens at the youth service
Some of the teens at the youth service
Sometimes these moments are not all happy and carefree; sometimes they are bittersweet. As some of you may know, my grandma, who I was very close with died a couple months ago. There was a moment when I was hugging two of my cousins at the funeral, our eyes red and puffy from crying, tears streaming down our faces and I felt oddly at peace. Don’t get me wrong, I was and still am devastated that she is gone, but in that moment I knew everything was going to be okay. You see, my grandma had suffered from arthritis and cancer and now she is pain free; my grandma was a Christian, so I know now she is up there partying with Jesus. Looking around I saw how sad everyone was, I am one to always try to cheer everyone up; however, I knew that this was a time of mourning. There is power in mourning with those you love. Now, I am also one to always fill empty, awkward, and silence space with words, so being quite is hard for me; however, hugging my cousins I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t come up with the right words. Oddly though, I was okay with it. It was a time for silence. It was a time for valuing my grandma. It was a time for mourning. It was a time for family. It was a time when I understood hope. It was a time of love.

These were simple, unexpected moments and I hope I was able to convey their significant to you. I pray that you have moments that knock you over with passion and purpose.


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