Advice to my freshman self 

Writing this post I realized that I haven’t posted on this blog all semsester. Sorry about that.

I have learned a lot of life skills throughout my freshmen year, so I thought I would compile a list of advice I would give to myself entering college from a retrospective point of view.

· Don’t plan on minoring in biology, you will hate it.

· You will have to “try out” a bunch of friends before you find ones perfect for you.

· Learn grammar and punctuation rules! English Comp with Gunther will destroy you.

· No night classes; yes, it is nice to only have to take a class once a week, but it also means you cannot do anything else on that night.

· Don’t try so hard to hold on to high school friendships, if they want you in your life, they will be.

· Catholics are not so different than Christians.

· Learn where the bathrooms are in each building!

· Don’t expect much from the cafeteria food.
· You will be taught biology from an evolutionist perspective.

· Put the parking sticker on your car. You will be heavily fined for not doing so!

· Keep a whole winter and summer wardrobe in your car. Weather changes drastically in a school day in Ohio.

· Don’t worry about being a commuter, you will still make friends.

· Word spreads fast on a private, tiny campus like Walsh, be careful what you tell people.

· Make sure you go on the two retreats! You will meet wonderful friends there.

· Don’t worry about finding a boyfriend, when you aren’t looking for one, he will appear as your roommate on the discover retreat.

· That Spanish class you dropped first semester because you hated the teacher, guess what? She is your teacher second semester, go figure.

· Buy Starbucks from across the street, not the one on campus. You’ll save lots of money.

The girls in this picture will become so of your closest friends

· Every other freshmen is struggling too.

· Don’t work in the financial aid office, you will hate every second of it

· There is no shame in going to the tutoring or counseling center

· Make sure you look for job postings on the campus career website, you will find a babysitting job with a family you absolutely love

· Study groups are great, but some may turn into you tutoring everyone else.

· Yes, you will miss your friends from Montana and GlenOak, but you will be just fine.


2 thoughts on “Advice to my freshman self 

  1. I so enjoy following your journey Jessica you are a delight to be around so I wish I had more time with you and your family before we moved. I also think of your grandma who loved each one of her special grandchildren I’m sure she is on one of those big clouds following your journey and so proud. Enjoy your summer and I’ll look forward to your next journey. Love Patty


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