Yes I am studying Psychology and no I am not psychoanalyzing you

I love studying psychology in college; however, there are some misconceptions people have about psychology majors. This should clear some topics up 🙂

No, I am not psychoanalyzing you

So far I have taken classes on general psychology, psychology for the business world, human development, research in psychology, and sociology. Do any of those sound like dealing with and diagnosing crazy people? No. I may have to take those later, but for now I am simply learning about human behavior. Even if I were to know how to diagnose and evaluate mental disorders, do you think I would spend my precious free time analyzing your every action to determine if it is “psychologically normal?” The answer once again is no and will always be no, unless you are my patient.

No, I will not give you therapy

Like stated previously, I have had no classes in counseling, meaning I cannot give you legitimate therapy. If you have the slightest feeling you would benefit from counseling—then go see an actual counselor, not some sophomore psychology major. I also may not want to give you counseling, sorry. Yes, you can always tell me anything and everything, but some things are better to talk about with a therapist or parent.

No, psychology is not asking, “How does that make you feel?” a thousand times

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior, meaning that there is more to psychology than giving therapy. Studying psychology can lead to a successful business, law, marketing, teaching, writing, and so many other careers. In terms of therapy though, yes the terms “how does that make you feel?” may be used, but therapy is so much more than talking about feelings.

Yes, I will have a job

Countless times I have been told that a psychology degree is worthless. Umm no it is not. Yes, I cannot practice psychology with an undergraduate degree, but numerous other opportunities open up with a college degree, writing, research, and people skills. If that weren’t enough, I am going to graduate school to obtain a degree in Occupational Therapy, which is one of the fastest growing Health Care/ Social Services career. So yes, I will have a job, thank you very much.

Yes, this job may be depressing

“I could never do that, it would be too depressing,” are what I hear all the time when I tell people I am a psychology major. Yes, I know this job may be depressing. I will probably deal with people at the lowest parts of their life and that excites me; I get to be a part of my patients starting a new life, breaking addictions, finding a purpose, restoring relationships, and becoming their true self. That to me is exciting and not depressing.

Yes, I love studying psychology, and there is nothing else I would rather study

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