How I made $800 selling items online (You can too!)

During 2016 I earned over $800 from selling items online. Everything sold was either from my house (stuff we were planning on donating) or from family member’s who gave me a box of old stuff. Below I have compiled a brief guide on each of the websites I used, my earnings, and the positive and negatives for each.

That $800 was easy money; some days I made $50 in my pajamas watching the Office. It is well worth your time to list and sell your unwanted items.


Amazon ( On amazon you can only sell books with a free seller account. You list each book according to condition and then you can provide a brief description of the book’s condition or your company if you want. When you look to buy a book they are listed from lowest to highest price for each condition. Therefore, it is good to have the lowest price, so yours is the first one buyers see. Some books are selling for less than a dollar because of mass amounts of people selling them, you will make no money with these so simply donate them or try decluttr.

My experience: It was good and bad selling with amazon. I made a decent sum of money and had relative ease with selling. However, you could only sell books, and anytime a buyer had a complaint against me my account would be shut down for a few weeks and I wouldn’t be paid. Plus, there is a limit on how much you can sell (50 items per year, which I hit) before they start taxing you.

Earnings: $498 (8 months)

Half ( This site is owned by Ebay, so you have the username and login, but it is almost completely separate. You can sell, books, cds, dvds, and videogames. The setup is similar to Amazon on how the selling works, but I do not think there is a maximum on much an individual can sell. There are also no professional sellers on here, so every item is sold by an individual or small book company, unlike Amazon which sells books directly.

My experience: I have had no problems using this website. However, less people seem to know about it, meaning less sales.

Earnings: $156 (2 months)


Decluttr ( With decluttr you can sell books, cds, dvds, video games, and old technology. You simply put in the barcode for each item, then the website will tell if that item is being accepted, and what the going rate is. Then once you have entered in everything you click complete order, and it will send you a shipping label for you to pack everything and ship it in. Once they receive the order they automatically pay you via PayPal.

My experience/advice: Use this only as a last resort if you cannot sell your media other places (if after a few months they are not bought or if the going rate is under $1-2), as generally the going rate for each item is 50 cents. The highest I got for anything was $3, so you could receive more but 50 cents was the average. Some items they priced for $1 that I could sell for $10 on another website. This website is nice and easy to get rid of stuff and gain a few dollars quickly.

Earnings $22


Ebay ( On ebay you can sell anything you want to. However, not everything will sell; I have found that the items that sell best are items you cannot buy in a store anymore (think discontinued, retired, antique products), but feel free to list others. It is easiest to sell and list items using the ebay app. On the app, to list it you need to have photos of the product, a description with the general category it falls in to, decide whether you want to list it as an auction or buy it now, and then select the shipping service. It sounds like a lot, but it is not too bad.

My experience: So far on Ebay, I have sold American Girl doll clothes and accessories, Ugg boots, broken electronics, leotards, and old dance shoes—a wide variety. I am still not quite sure if doing an auction or buy it now leads to more money. I normally check and see what the going rate for item is before I list it, and then base my price accordingly.

Earnings: $145 (3 weeks)


General directions/advice for all: With all of them you need to set up a PayPal account and/or link your bank account to your account for a direct deposit.

You are responsible for shipping the item and making sure the item arrives at the buyers. (All charge users a shipping fee, so you get reimbursed for the cost); you print and buy the shipping label online. If the package is small enough to fit in a mailbox, simply put it in there with the flag up. If not, you have to go the post office and drop it off; however, you do not have to wait in line (yay!). You will need to buy big envelopes or boxes to ship your items in. It is cheapest to buy them in a bundle; I have bought got mine from office max and eco enclose.

With everything except for decluttr, you have to wait for the item to be purchased before you can receive money. Then the money is not deposited until two weeks later, so it is not always “fast money.” The website will charge you a hosting or listing fee, meaning they take around 10-20 % of your profits, so keep that in mind when setting prices.


Other places to sell items:

On Etsy you can sell homemade items.

On Poshmark you can sell clothes and accessories (name brand is best with this site).

Most towns have a local buy/sell/trade group on Facebook so you can also try selling items on there.


I hope this guide was informative and helpful to you.

Happy selling 🙂




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